Turkey – Proud of the Achievement of a Region that I love MENA


Turkey has always been on my bucket list for months and it is beautiful and has the architecture and beautiful museums and colors that speak for itself.

You will fall in love the with the dreamy mirages and the lovely cuisine and culture oozes out of every pillar as it gives you that feeling where East meets Europe.

So what better place to select to have the experience to reflect on your experience in the most successful year you have achieved great results in your work.

I wanted this article to be more about the process of reflection and journaling, rather than the actual results. We received one of the highest improved rate in our engagement score globally.

So what do you do put in place to achieve this results …

  1. You very clear and realistic of what you want to achieve?
  2. You quantitate this in numbers so that you know when you have achieved your results?
  3. You see yourself and visualize yourself actually achieving the numbers that you want and draw up a clear roadmap of how to get there
  4. You make your steps as simple as possible and chunk it down
  5. You need to let the brain believe that it is achievable
  6. Measure your results monthly and make shifts where you need to
  7. You look after your mindset and create a system around what you want to achieve.
  8. You create things that you love around your plans so that it brings you joy in what you do.
  9. Share achievements and celebrate and give others credit more than what you take for yourself.
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