Things I Love

The Love Box

I update my “love box”: A collection of juicy, creative, collaborative, time enhancing tools, that I would recommend, and I would add to it, and with time if there is an upgrade would update it. These are the beautiful things that inspire...

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Health | Fashion | Beauty

⦁ Karen Miller clothing anywhere in the world for work, cocktail parties and if you going on that wow date night with your partner ⦁ Woolworths clothing in South Africa and sizes are just perfect. ⦁ Small Cupping pumps for...

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How do I take my Photo’s?

Samsung S9 — All my photos are taken from my phone. I love it , it is easy and yes, I bought my phone for the camera and picture quality. It also secretly with the right angle makes me look...

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Money Philosophy

TransferWise The best way I’ve found to transfer money internationally. Their exchange rates are always the best and the service they provide is simple, easy and straightforward. I think they may even have plans to become the next ‘PayPal’ with...

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Biz Tools, Systems and Apps

1. Business Tools GSuite Including and especially their ‘Inbox’ for email, the Calendar app and most definitely Google Docs, where all of my creations are born, first and foremost, before they turn into a tangible product. Acuity Scheduling The best...

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