Lockdown Reflections – What to do when my Head feels full

Practice the Pause ….we have been running and not reflecting as much as individuals and more so as people in the collective .
This lockdown was a wonderful experience for me and I wish I had done more and prepared for it better. The learnings from it I note for myself and I urge you to have that conversation with yourself as well to ask, what do I do when my head gets full, and things feel overwhelm , how do I put it all together. So I sat down on my balcony and penned my ideas, to look at when life gets a little bit too busy, and I need to Pause.

  1. Complete Emile’s Exercise Videos
  2. Make a cup of tea and soak the sun on my face and body by being in a state of gratitude.
  3. Take a warm shower and appreciate it , and as the water runs down on me , imagine that all the stresses and strains are drained from every cell of my body.
  4. Take a cold shower and feel alive, feel my heart racing and my blood flowing.
  5. Phone or connect with a friend or family member and also reach out to people that are living alone. Be a sounding board for someone else.
  6. Take more photos and master my art of photography according to my eye. Build memories around certain themes in my photos , create folders and know when to use which photo for which story.
  7. Its ok to do Nothing, and Just BE.
  8. Have a Dream Session with my Thinking Partner, imagine 3 months from now, Me and You doing xyz…what does this look like, feel like, be like and sound like.
  9. Listen to things I love, like You Tube videos, Podcasts, Mindvalley videos, authors that I follow, and special people that impact my world view.
  10. Journalling…write your heart out, write until all your subconscious fears and limiting beliefs dissolve. Write until you create a future that is so juicy and vibrant, you cannot not attract the experience.
  11. Sleep – Notice my patterns, how I sleep, what I dream, and am I getting a full 6-8 hours of sleep where I feel rejuvenated.
  12. Reach out to someone that needs me, my community , my family, my siblings and be of help or service
  13. Movement, Dance and Exercise, until I feel that I am releasing bonds that are holding me back, and ensuring I move one step closer to my dreams
  14. Realign my finances, speak to my bank and create a new normal for the next 6 months
  15. Fall in Love Again, with the people around me, my calling, my partner and rediscover new perspectives and be more curious around them.

I would love to know what is your List, and the person who shares the list that inspires me the most, wins a free voucher in their country around something they love.

All you need to do is send is the following:

  1. Share with me your list – no matter how long or how short
  2. Click on all my social media outlets
  3. Share my work with 2 people that you feel will appreciate our work to help with their growth and development

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