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⦁ Karen Miller clothing anywhere in the world for work, cocktail parties and if you going on that wow date night with your partner

⦁ Woolworths clothing in South Africa and sizes are just perfect.

⦁ Small Cupping pumps for your face to ensure a detoxed and hydrated skin – pumps blood to the skin which makes it appear healthier

⦁ Foreo to clean the face, which gives the skin a clean shine

⦁ Nurse Jamie products, which helps the skin looks younger without the need to use botox or any aesthetics

⦁ A good massage by a therapist with great energy will do you wonders

⦁ A women needs to go to a good hairdresser, at least once every 6 weeks, to have her head massaged and properly done up

⦁ Daily – Gymming from Home for at least 30 minutes minimally

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