Germany – Personal Leadership and Excellence with Global Leaders

I was invited to Germany, to attend a Global Leadership workshop with all the leaders across the world to attend.

I felt enamored by the place as it is the country of my great granny on my mothers side, called Kayna.

She was petite with her beautiful red hair and equally red cheeks when she applied her makeup and lipstick.

I always remembered her to be so stylish and lady like and everything in her home happened like clockwork.

I get my systematic ways and ritualistic practices from her so I imagine her running in the parks and the beautiful greenery that breathes through her lungs, when she was a young girl.

It brought beautiful nostalgic memories to me and also combined something I am passionate about, which is the learning.

These were the learning that I took from the workshop, and can readily apply it in my day to day…

  1. Be aware of conscious Leadership, what are you thinking, what level are you thinking, how deep are you thinking and how can your thoughts change your reality and your outcome.
  2. Innovation is not only the big shiny technology, Innovation is small step changes and also what we change about ourselves everyday.
  3. I love the European thinking and being, there were no showoffs and so much clarity and clearness in what we executed during this week
  4. It feels lovely to be truly around a Global organization and people where we all similar by universal thinking and the way we show up
  5. The world is actually small, and It made me always appreciate my own country best
  6. Ensure you in a place that is quiet and free from clutter.
  7. People were so interesting, they had special talents like dancing, singing, going on meditation retreats and coming from engineers and IT specialist makes it even more intriguing.
  8. We have more in common than in difference
  9. Do a mock up of your Leadership journey with your highs and lows and age, and see where you have peaked and dipped, do you pick up any tends or patterns
  10. With regards to the negative patterns what can you do to address it and with the positive patterns what can you do to make it exponential
  11. Do you journal and notice your learning?
  12. Do you have a thinking partner or a thinking group that helps you learns and grow?

For joining Me on this journey, let’s make your GROWTH GAME an important one…

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