Dr Joe Dispenza – 6 day Retreat – Finding your Inner Mission and your Inner Alchemy

I have read the books of Dr Joe for the last 10 years and fell in love with his presentation and style, so when I heard that Dr Joe was visiting Dubai, I had to go. And I can honestly say that this has been my most exciting and transforming learning experience that has shifted me intrinsically and feeling the experience extrinsically.

For a long time, most people myself included have lived from an emergency mode. We embark on different stress hormones when we work in this emergency mode. We react from this place. A large part of this workshop is noticing how we react to the world and that we cannot separate our inner and outer world.

What have I learned from attending this workshop which I would love to share with you, and I hope when you research Dr Joes work is the following:

  1. When we create, to create from a place of Love and not fear or desperation
  2. To Connect to the deeper memory of who we really are and we do this through breathing and engaging our nervous system
  3. As we engage, and change our breathing we change our energy, and when we change our energy, we change our reality.
  4. During the 6 Days of meditation some starting at 4 o clock in the morning where we meditate for 9 hours , we learn how to create Inner Trust with our body through our breath.
  5. The whole process of Dr Joes work is about awakening the Pineal Gland, which makes us connect with our intuitive abilities and look at the world more curious and more connected.
  6. The surrender exercise was for me the most difficult , as we had to jump off a heightened part of a building and trust that our fellow colleagues would catch us. And I realized in that moment how as much as I say in my language that I trust the world, for me to allow myself just to let go and trust a bunch of strangers to catch me was nerve wrecking. I finally did it though.
  7. The most powerful and empowering feeling of the 6 days was completing the walking meditation, where you walk to a beach or garden spot and you need to call in your future to you. You needed to walk like the person you wanted to become and see and feel that person clearly.
  8. A large part of attending a workshop of this nature is about Letting go and forgiving parts of yourself. So when you forgive, what happens is that parts of your brain opens up, in the prefrontal cortex and you let go of any brain fog or residue that sits on your brain
  9. The whole aim of the workshop was where we had to fall in love with who we are and what we are, a little bit more. The more in love we are with ourselves the more we feel open and in love with the things around us.
  10. And Dr Joe, asked us to Introduce ourselves as the Genius we are, to our fellow colleagues. How do you speak with yourself?
  11. Another highlight was when Dr Joe took us to the Dubai Dunes to have our walking meditation, and everyone was dancing when they got to the camp, for about 2 hours to be greeted by Fireworks which looked and felt amazing. Truly Magical to describe it the least
  12. I will forever be changed from attending this workshop, and after reflection, I sometimes don’t wake up at 4 o clock to meditate, however Dr Joe, asks, Now that you know what it feels like and what you can experience , can you come back ?

How do we go through life, while forgetting to come back to ourselves? After returning back to work, I was my most productive and happiest. The main reason is that my brain felt that it went on a holiday and spa experience. May your brain always feel like it is 21 with the wisdom of the age that you truly are.

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