Discovering Thailand Again-Letting Go to find yourself


During the end of every year I love writing about what are the top things I have learned for the year so that I am more mindful when I go into the new year. I jotted a few ideas down, and would love to know what is yours…
This year, I chose to do my reflections In Thailand. There is something about the South East Asia people, culture and weather that makes me open and feel all relaxed inside. It is the perfect spot to reflect in at beautiful times of the day before the humid sun gets hold of you.
I believe that your environment influences your thinking and way of being and showing up.
Please tell me your learning for the 2019 year …and let us share notes and conversations.

  1. Bio individuality – what works for one person does not necessarily work for another person. So when people give advice, they are speaking from their strata, their level, their consciousness and therefore it will work for them if the topic is not universal. There are different routes to Rome.
  2. I have experienced an incident which hurt me dearly, however the saying, if you not true to yourself, you will be hung by your own hands.
  3. The Truth shall always prevail – your character will always speak for you and set many facts straight.
  4. Self-Love is important for your development, you can’t save the world if you don’t have a routine for yourself, that puts yourself First and where you make yourself important. Put your mask on first before, so that you can help and assist others with their masks.
  5. Even if it is just a little, create consistency around your routine, movement, mantra’s, meditation, music and manifestation, which for me is just another word for achieving what you want.
  6. The benefits of face yoga is that your skin looks younger for your age and you don’t need any expensive creams. It takes about 12 sessions where you will see a visible difference however in those sessions you will notice tighter skin and any lymph drainage is improved.
  7. Try something for 30 days at least
  8. If you want your hair to grow, mix, coconut oil, with olive oil and castor oil. Warm it for 40 seconds in the microwave and massage it in your hair.
  9. Try to join the 5am club, and do at least 20 minutes exercise, 20 minutes learning and 20 minutes of reflection
    10.Notice my body language and create awareness of how you show up.
  10. Set healthy boundaries.
  11. Hard works pays off, you can’t just visualize with no action.
  12. As much as you invest in hard skills, also invest in transforming any past inequities so that your perception is clear for creation.
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