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“This is what people say being coached and mentored by Tasniem in her workshops over the last 15 years consistently.” 

I want to manifest success in my business life and personal life in terms of my wins and have worked with Tasniem for the last 10 years, I started out as a Specialist and was soon promoted to an Executive of a billion-dollar organization, which I have tenured over 10 years.

My next step was engaging in my own Entrepreneurial Journey, which I had Tasniem with me along the way.

Tasniem has held my hand through this journey in every stage of my career.

Tasniem is incredibly intuitive and patient, understanding all the highs and lows of your growth to accelerate you into success. She creates a safe and gentle space for me to consciously create the life I desire to manifest my millions.

She is a coach by profession and purpose. My life has shifted personally, professionally and physically through the coaching and reflective work I have done with her.
Tasniem keeps you on target with results and also has the ability to maintain a deep friendship and care that is rare.

N.K, Executive – MMI Holdings

“Tasniem has a gentle yet powerful way of shifting true transformation within you.”


I worked with Tasniem at a time in my life where I was searching for my purpose, my source and just a passion for my career.

We would go through many purpose sessions and vision boarding sessions where we not only worked transitionally, but through a transformative process as well.

As a facilitator Tasniem brings more than what is needed, she is practical, organized and forward thinking in her approach.
She has a deep authenticity that is rare which shifts your thinking and being. I have experienced her as moving intuitively and with a clear framework.

I gained a lot from the workshops hosted by Tasniem and fast forward two years, I am happily married, a budding entrepreneur and I am living a life that I love.

I thank Tasniem for being one of my teachers who guided my vision so clearly.

S.K – Entrepreneur and Facilitator in Health and Wellness

“Working with Tasniem, has been the one most positive learning experience in my life. A conversation with her shifts and moves you to areas of success and abundance.”

Thank you for a life changing opportunity to step into my power and into my courage.

I had all the skills and know how and did not know how to execute without being afraid and scared.

Tasniem works where she recalibrates and shifts you to the next level and helps you create your purpose in a practical way. Working with her is amazing and her energy is unlimited.

Starting my business scared me a lot, however I feel since working with her, I have shifted more in a month and can see a clearer path which was not there before.

I love how she uses clear, tools, processes and practices in her learning. I can feel my future being brighter and since working with her I am pitching projects that was accepted by Top Management on my ideas of how to grow women in my organization.

This excites my purpose and my vision. Also Thank you for making it fun.

T.N – Global Mobility – Corporate and Business

“Tasniem is a breath of fresh air to work with and you will definitely be moved by her style and go in a place of action where you felt that you could not achieve, she has a way to cultivate change within you.”

In 2006 I met a breath of fresh air in the form of Tasniem Titus, and she just arrived from Dubai to South Africa .

I experienced Tasniem doing her Magic where everything she touched turned to Gold. Tasniem’ s numbers and performance was one of the highest from an HR perspective in a 16 000 strong organization.

She achieved Investors in People not only for our business unit, but for business units that did not receive it as well.

She knows how to turn a business around. Tasniem is great in strategy and execution and working with her is like having the time of your life.

Tasniem has moved from my Manager to my EXCO in a short space of time, whilst working with her and she enables growth, innovation, teamwork, however her most valuable asset was seeing her employees grow and prosper in their profession. Tasniem had to manage cross functional and regional teams.

She is systematic and creative in her approach and works with a sense of inclusiveness where she is so in touch with the people.

Tasniem has amazing respect and kindness in her dealings which speaks volumes of her values and how she applies it in her daily life.

P.C, Senior HR – Corporate and Business Financial Services

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