Dr Joe Dispenza – 6 day Retreat – Finding your Inner Mission and your Inner Alchemy

I have read the books of Dr Joe for the last 10 years and fell in love with his presentation and style, so when I heard that Dr Joe was visiting Dubai, I had to go. And I can honestly say that this has been my most exciting and transforming learning experience that has shifted me intrinsically and feeling the experience extrinsically.
For a long time, most people myself included have lived from an emergency mode. We embark on different stress hormones when we work in this emergency mode. We react from this place. A large part of this workshop is noticing how we react to the world and that we cannot separate our inner and outer world.

What have I learned from attending this workshop which I would love to share with you, and I hope when you research Dr Joes work is the following…

Germany – Personal Leadership and Excellence with Global Leaders

I was invited to Germany, to attend a Global
Leadership workshop with all the leaders across the world to attend. I felt enamored by the place as it is the country of
my great granny on my mothers side, called Kayna. She was petite with her beautiful red hair and equally
red cheeks when she applied her makeup and lipstick. I always remembered her to be so stylish and lady like
and everything in her home happened like clockwork. I get my systematic ways and ritualistic practices
from her so I imagine her running in the parks and the beautiful greenery that
breathes through her lungs, when she was a young girl. It brought beautiful nostalgic memories to me and also
combined something I am passionate about, which is the learning. These were the learning that I took from the workshop,
and can readily apply it in my day to day…

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