Lockdown Reflections – What to do when my Head feels full

Practice the Pause ….we have been running and not reflecting as much as individuals and more so as people in the collective .
This lockdown was a wonderful experience for me and I wish I had done more and prepared for it better. The learnings from it I note for myself and I urge you to have that conversation with yourself as well to ask, what do I do when my head gets full, and things feel overwhelm , how do I put it all together. So I sat down on my balcony and penned my ideas, to look at when life gets a little bit too busy, and I need to Pause…

Dr Joe Dispenza – 6 day Retreat – Finding your Inner Mission and your Inner Alchemy

I have read the books of Dr Joe for the last 10 years and fell in love with his presentation and style, so when I heard that Dr Joe was visiting Dubai, I had to go. And I can honestly say that this has been my most exciting and transforming learning experience that has shifted me intrinsically and feeling the experience extrinsically.
For a long time, most people myself included have lived from an emergency mode. We embark on different stress hormones when we work in this emergency mode. We react from this place. A large part of this workshop is noticing how we react to the world and that we cannot separate our inner and outer world.

What have I learned from attending this workshop which I would love to share with you, and I hope when you research Dr Joes work is the following…


Discovering Thailand Again-Letting Go to find yourself

During the end of every year I love writing about what are the top things I have learned for the year so that I am more mindful when I go into the new year. I jotted a few ideas down, and would love to know what is yours… This year, I chose to do my reflections In Thailand. There is something about the South East Asia people, culture and weather that makes me open and feel all relaxed inside. It is the perfect spot to reflect in at beautiful times of the day before the humid sun gets hold of you.
I believe that your environment influences your thinking and way of being and showing up…


Turkey – Proud of the Achievement of a Region that I love MENA

Turkey has always been on my bucket list for months and it is beautiful and has the architecture and beautiful museums and colors that speak for itself.
You will fall in love the with the dreamy mirages and the lovely cuisine and culture oozes out of every pillar as it gives you that feeling where East meets Europe.
So what better place to select to have the experience to reflect on your experience in the most successful year you have achieved great results in your work.
I wanted this article to be more about the process of reflection and journaling, rather than the actual results. We received one of the highest improved rate in our engagement score globally. So what do you do put in place to achieve this results …

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