Biz Tools, Systems and Apps

1. Business Tools


Including and especially their ‘Inbox’ for email, the Calendar app and most definitely Google Docs, where all of my creations are born, first and foremost, before they turn into a tangible product.

Acuity Scheduling

The best way to book my mentoring sessions, and get paid without going back and forth a million times. What sweet relief! Plus: my contracts and agreements are included in the process, making life that much smoother, sweeter and easier.

World Time Buddy

How I figure out time differences and time zones, seeing as my clients span across the continents.


How I send you my weekly-ish love-letters to my clients.

Botim / Skype

How I connect with my clients, even though I love face to face as the best.

Typeform or Survey Monkey

This is what I use to send out surveys, It’s beautiful, and easy to use.


The place I find all the icons that I use on my website and in my digital products.
Planner/Filofax — How I tie everything together in a handwritten, tangible, carry-it-with-me way.

2. Applications On My Phone


Most mornings and evenings this is what I listen to , to get my energy in the right space to start my day


All my learning on things that I love , I take one lesson per week

Woman log

Brilliant to measure your weight, any illness , health related to women and your monthly cycle


I love listening to any type of music on soundcloud


All my special yoga sessions and health recipes

My special prayers or mantras

Sometimes as I am cleaning my home , I will play on repeat my special prayers and mantras which I think is important to clean and clear your home.


Helps me and whomever is taking me for dinner to save money. Love the deals, buy one and get one meal for free.


To design great posts and pictures

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