About Tasniem Titus

My Career

I am Tasniem Titus and I have been extremely blessed in my professional career to work for the TOP Fortune 500 companies and achieve massive results that are aligned to the billion Euro/Dollar bottom line of those companies.

I worked in small startups with as little as 150 people, to large enterprises of nearly 16 000 people to global wide organizations which reaches over 200 000 people in their people systems and processes, to ignite the full human experience and the best in people.

What I did differently and what enabled me to get the results that I achieved with amazing teams, is that I combined Academia, Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, Practical Tools and Practices with a whole lot of Compassion, Empathy  and Love which we don’t always mention in the business world.

I design every programme, intervention, transformation process with that exact same humanity, because I believe a great world and organization are made up with extraordinary individuals. I worked in global organizations all my life , and want to bring all these practical tools to you, in a packaged format saving you time and money, and bringing you epic results.

I have written and contributed in Forbes & Thrive Global. I have also been the main editor in many newsletters in  Fortune 500 organizations.

My main purpose is to increase consciousness , purpose and performance in all areas of life and business to the people that I meet, train and do life with.

My Personal Life

In my personal Life , I love travelling, learning from new cultures, keeping fit through mind –body exercises, reading, photography and designing new mind body experiences that delivers results to my clients, on an individual  and personal basis.

I am a philanthropist, and love giving towards, three things close to my heart, Children, Education and Women based causes.

I am always thinking of how best do I serve humanity without being held back by a pay check. To add more value to the world.

In 2015, I contracted a stomach ulcer where my whole stomach lining burst, and I contracted an auto immune disease called colitis. This event forced me to search for alternative transforming methods where modern medicine were not enough to cure the ailment.  I then studied many Eastern, Quantum Physics, Science and Brain Based Methods to help increase my performance at work and in life. I initially started my Eastern Philosophy teachings in 2008, so everything came full circle for me.

I bring these tools and processes into my Programmes, Processes and Interventions for a whole brain experience, so I truly believe that you can achieve anything even when someone tells you something is life threatening.

I can happily say I am cured of colitis, and have been symptom free for the past 3 years and counting.

My Drive

My drive is to ensure you live up to your potential and be the best in the world that you can be.

My Experience And Credentials


  • M.Phil. in Management & Coaching
  • HR Degree
  • Neuroscience in Leadership
  • Intuitive Anatomy
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition

  • HR Head MEA Dentsply Sirona
  • HR Head and Talent at Broadreach US Aid
  • HR Head at Cadiz Asset Management
  • HR Head at MMI
  • HR Moderator at CPUT

  • Moving Teams to Achieve their Highest Sales through Personal Excellence Techniques
  • Decreasing Labour Turnover – 25% to 7%
  • Winning Investors in People Status to business units that lost it before
  • Achieving No.1 in People Awards
  • Highest Improvement Scores in Gallup surveys

  • Forbes Writer and Contributor
  • Working on Community Projects with Children's Homes
  • Lecturing Leadership @ TSIBA Yoga and Gym
  • Reading and Writing articles in the Health, Learning and Wellness space
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